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Banking Failure, Causes and Consequences

In Nigeria, your prayer point should always include “may my bank never fail”.  If your bank fails, the money that you saved with the bank may not be repaid to you in full.  The Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC) that was established by the Government to protect depositors against the loss of their insured deposits can only refund your insured deposit as follows:

Effective Cost Control Techniques

The rule of thumb is that a bank should be growing annually in value at the rate of about 20%.  This rule, however, depends on many factors such as Stable environment Capital adequacy High...
Planning Customers’ Mobilization

Planning Customers’ Mobilization

Banks thrive on customers and one of the major factors that differentiate them is the ability to attract and mobilize large number of customers for their operations.  For continuous increase in the number of customers there must be a robust strategic plan in place.  The planning template discussed below is meant to set comprehensive planning parameters and identify the essential data to be collected and analysed for the plan:
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